Friday, July 5, 2013

Seiko SKX007 Review

Seiko SKX007 timepiece is the last one classical diver watch from the Japanese company. Everyone who had an honor to own Seiko diver watch a few decades ago by taking the one into the hands will feel something similar from the past.

Seiko decided to continue company traditions by realising renewed model. Seiko diver watches are the top of this class world production. They are featuring as very durable and reasonable priced items. Many older people can tell that their Seikos had run for more than a few decades.

That is absolute truth. There are few reasons why. First, Seiko precisely done all the work. Have you ever heard why Japanese production is so popular and well-made? Because all Japanese people doing their job very responsible and with big passion. Not an exception is Seiko SKX007.

Secondly, all the materials are high quality. In this timepiece is used 21-jewel self-winding mechanical movement, which also are secured with Diashock protection technology. That ensures that it will work no matter what environmental factors are. For this reason, watch is quite popular not within divers or fishers, but also in military and other high risk occupation.

The appearance of Seiko SKX007 is iconic and reminds me the old times. It has all the main attributes of diver watch. Clearly visible and big hands with very, very bright luminous, which can be even better than some Rolex dive products. The face cover is made of Hardlex, which is amazingly clear and have the best features to withstand big pressure and environmental stimulus.

Furthermore, I love the crown of this watch. It works fine even with dry hands and exactly 120 click per round is making it so precise instrument. The bracelet, which is added to this pretty machine is Jubilee. Some considering this as is pros and wanting to get Oyster, but for me this is even better because you are getting such a great watch so cheaply. It would be sin, if the bracelet would raise the price by 50 percent.

Jubilee bracelet have five adjustment holes. Links are made of stainless steel and held together by split pins. The clasp is with a fold over clasp. Overall, the bracelet for me is very comfortable and fits perfectly. I don't know what I can be asking more for such a great price.

If forgot to tell about the dial itself. As you can see in the picture, it is designed to be the best for good visibility. The background is black colored, while the points of hours are white and in dark will glow. There also are the window for day/date and note about possible underwater depth, which is 200 meters and jewel type.

For real, there has left not a lot what to say about Seiko SKX007. All the experience wearing it will come with years. Why so long, could you ask me? Because even after wearing it for more than a three-years it feels comfortable and classical look never get old. What is the best, it is still running without any big maintenance. If you get bored with it, then the best luck breaking it down. It's going to be a hard task!